Often, newly established nonprofits believe they are supposed to start with federal funding sites such as grants.gov when looking for grants. Truth is, unless you have received funding in the past, applying for federal grants can be a waste of time and resources. Federal grants are highly competitive and tend to favor nonprofits with more funding experience. Starting with foundation funding can substantially increase your nonprofit's chances of winning an award and funding your programs and services.

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Hey, I'm Gigi!

I'm your coach for this funding research training. Today you are going to learn how to use my top funding research tools for finding private, community, and corporate giving program grants. You are also going to learn how to use IRS resources to determine what grants you are most likely to get approved for and the amount you should apply for. This is the first of many funding research trainings to come.

I teach passionate newbie nonprofit founders how to start and grow their nonprofits. To learn more about my services visit www.nonprofitfornewbies.com.

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Private, Community, and Corporate Giving Programs

How to find free money to fund your nonprofit

This is a comprehensive training for new and growing nonprofits to find seed funding to sponsor their programs and services.