A simple, efficient step-by-step course for passionate individuals to get their nonprofit started at a fraction of the cost

(and none of the headache!) 

Starting A Nonprofit Organization

Watch this video to learn more about the steps to starting a nonprofit


What's Inside?

  • Conduct a name search: How to conduct a name search and check for name availability 
  • Recruiting and Structuring Board Members: How to find board members and structure your board to avoid conflicts of interest 
  • ​Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy: Learn how to draft governing policies 
  • ​Articles of Incorporation: How to complete and file your state paperwork
  • ​EIN Number: How to apply for and receive an EIN for your nonprofit 
  • ​Streamlined 501(c) Application (1023-EZ): How to complete and file application for tax-exempt status with the IRS 
  • IRS Random Audits: Learn what to do if you are selected for a random audit
  • ​Revenues and Expenses: How to complete revenues and expenses as part of an IRS audit
  • And more!






Hey, I'm Gigi!

I'm your coach for this nonprofit startup course. Today you are going to learn step-by-step how to start your nonprofit. You will be provided with everything you need to achieve 501(c)3 status!

I teach passionate newbie nonprofit founders how to start and grow their nonprofits. To learn more about my services visit www.nonprofitfornewbies.com.

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Complete 501(c)3 Application

Hire A Consultant to Complete Your Paperwork

Hire a nonprofit consultant to complete your articles of incorporation, bylaws, conflict of interest policy, EIN number, and 501c3 (1023-ez application). You will be contacted at the email address provided at checkout to schedule a consultation. You will also still have access to this course. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the filing fees for your state and the IRS.


How much does it normally cost to start a nonprofit?

Consulting fees vary, with rates averaging $1,000 to $1,500 USD (PLUS filing fees) for incorporation and 501(c)3 status. This money could be better used to invest in operational equipment and program services for your clients. 

Are there any additional fees besides the cost of the course?

Yes! There are filing fees for both incorporation in your state and 501(c)3 status with the IRS. The price for incorporation varies by state, typically between $10 and $150 USD. The price for the streamlined application for 501(c)3 status is $275, which is what most new nonprofits will qualify for. In the case that you must file the long form application, the Nonprofit for Newbies training is $300 and it will cost $600 to file with the IRS. 

How do I know if I qualify for the streamlined 501(c)3 application?

Most new nonprofits qualify for the streamlined 501(c)3 application. Among the few that do not qualify are schools, hospitals, churches, financial consulting agencies, and organizations that have any tangible reason (such as a written agreement) that they will be receiving 50k or more in the next 3 years. 


Can my nonprofit pay me back for this course?

Absolutely! This course is an investment into your organization, and your organization can pay you back for your out-of-pocket expenses. For this to happen, you must add the price of this course and the price of filing fees as a 'reimbursable expense to the founder' when you complete your operational budget. 

What if I just want someone to do it for me?

No problem, it happens! Sometimes you just want someone to take the wheel. We can help. To get all of your paperwork completed and filed, we charge $998 USD flat fee (plus filing fees) or 4 installments of $250. If by chance you have already taken this course and then decide you want our assistance, we will chop $200 off the price, for a total of $800 USD flat fee (plus filing fees). You will see this option at checkout.